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Digital Government

Leading government innovation for a sustainable future by

  • Providing more integrated and customized services for the citizens
  • Promoting ethical and efficient use of digital technology
  • Strengthening private-public partnership
  • Design and deliver digital services for the benefit of citizens
  • Innovate and optimize public administration
  • Ensure security, robustness, and reliability of digital services
  • Protect personal information and privacy
  • Promote sharing and utilizing public data
  • Enhance interoperability
  • Prevent potential duplication in government investment

The Korean Digital Government has been recognized by the international community for its excellence

  • Ranked 1st on the E-Participation Index (EPI) and 2nd on the E-Government Development Index (EGDI) of the 2020 United Nations (UN) E-Government Survey
  • Ranked 1st on the 2019 OECD Digital Government Index
  • Ranked 1st on the 2019 OECD OUR (open, useful and re-usable) Data Index
  • Expanding non-contact government services to better meet the citizens’ needs Reengineering the government administration process to better provide seamless and secure non-contact government services to the citizens
  • Innovating government service delivery Integrate and personalize service delivery through human-friendly interfaces using natural language
  • Using accumulated data to its fullest potential at the pan-government level Strengthen data sovereignty of the citizens and create new services Facilitate data-driven government administration at the pan-government level
  • Creating collaborative and inclusive digital ecosystem Promote collaboration between the public and private sectors to strengthen digital economy
  • Strengthening digital infrastructure to enhance government’s resilience and responsiveness Build an inclusive, highly-sufficient digital infrastructure to deliver government services

Following examples are some of the current digital government projects that MOIS is implementing. For more information, please contact Digital Government Cooperation Division

  • AI-based Chatbot for citizens: citizens can request and receive necessary information and notifications from the government agencies through a messenger app or AI speakers of their choice without having to visit the government portal (GOV.KR).
  • Mobile ID: starting with the mobile ID for the government officials, MOIS plans to expand the service to other types of ID including a driver’s license. The citizens will be able to enjoy government services with the digital ID instead of the current plastic ID.
  • Digital document and wallet: the Korean citizens and residents can simply store digital certificates issued on GOV.KR portal or app in their own “Digital Wallet” for verification or submission without having to print and submit them in person to a third party organization.
  • My Data: citizens can directly manage their personal information held by government agencies. It would allow the citizens to choose essential data to be shared when applying for and receiving government services, giving them control over their own data.
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NIA Global
  • The Department of Global ICT Cooperation at the National Information Society Agency carries out global development cooperation businesses through joint G2G projects and cooperation with international organizations in ICT and digital government, strengthening the leadership within the international society.
  • Carry out information consulting by providing ICT and digital government support for developing countries
  • Engage in consulting and technology exchanges by leveraging hubs(IT Joint Cooperation Project and Digital Government Cooperation Center)
  • Establish Information Access Center(IAC), deployment of the Korea ICT Leadership Program and World Friends ICT Volunteers, international exchange to improve developing countries' information usage environment and strength their information capacity
  • Promote the capacity reinforcement of the policy decision-makers of ICT and digital government
  • Deliver customized training for domestic and foreign civil officers to cultivate digital government consultants and to support government innovation
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Digital Govertnment
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