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[Card News] South Korea Leads OECD Open Data Assessment for the Fourth Consecutive Year

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In the OECD Open Data Assessment South Korean Ranks NO.1 Globally for the Fourth Consecutive Time(2015,2017, 2019,2023) Korea's Open Data Policy Recognized Worldwide in the 2023 OECD OURdata Index, Korea ranked global No.1 with a score of 0.91 (on a 1-point scale), following its success in 2015, 2017, and 2019. South Korea excels in all three categories of data availabilty, accessibility, and government support. In the government support category, South Korea stands out as the only country among member nations to achieve a perfect score following 2019! We share open data that serves the needs of citizens. We offer support to ensure effective utilization of open data. We actively pursue publicprivate collaboration to address sociental challenges through data-driven solutions.

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What’s New in Digital Government

What is  Digital Platform<br /> Government

What is Digital Platform

Onbook+ 5G Network

Onbook+ 5G Network

Acceleration of the government’s digital<br />transformation with<br />cloud computing

Acceleration of the government’s digital
transformation with
cloud computing

Releasing open data based<br />on demand

Releasing open data based
on demand

Convenient user authentication of<br />public sector<br />digital services

Convenient user authentication of
public sector
digital services

MyData in the Public Sector

MyData in the Public Sector

Virtual Assistant Service<br />for Citizens

Virtual Assistant Service
for Citizens

Subsidy 24

Subsidy 24

The National Digital Identifications in<br />mobile devices

The National Digital Identifications in
mobile devices

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