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What is  Digital Platform<br /> Government

What is Digital Platform

Onbook+ 5G Network

Onbook+ 5G Network

Acceleration of the government’s digital<br />transformation with<br />cloud computing

Acceleration of the government’s digital
transformation with
cloud computing

Releasing open data based<br />on demand

Releasing open data based
on demand

Convenient user authentication of<br />public sector<br />digital services

Convenient user authentication of
public sector
digital services

MyData in the Public Sector

MyData in the Public Sector

Virtual Assistant Service<br />for Citizens

Virtual Assistant Service
for Citizens

Subsidy 24

Subsidy 24

The National Digital Identifications in<br />mobile devices

The National Digital Identifications in
mobile devices

What is
Digital Platform Government

The citizens, businesses, and the government work in collaboration to solve social problems and creates new values based on a digital platform where all data is connected

Key Projects for DPG in Korea

Innovative infrastructure

Build an integrated infrastructure of DPG with public-private collaboration

Innovative infrastructure

Use environment

Provide safe and reliable user environment
* Establish personal information access audit system, etc.

Way of working

Transform the way of working in the government by leveraging advanced technologies such as AI and Big Data


Promote a full access to high-quality data desired by the citizen

The solution proposed by the new Korean administration

Digital Platform

From Government-Driven to
Public & Private Sector Collaboration

Based on cutting-edge
technologies, AI and data


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