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What is  Digital Platform<br /> Government

What is Digital Platform

Onbook+ 5G Network

Onbook+ 5G Network

Acceleration of the government’s digital<br />transformation with<br />cloud computing

Acceleration of the government’s digital
transformation with
cloud computing

Releasing open data based<br />on demand

Releasing open data based
on demand

Convenient user authentication of<br />public sector<br />digital services

Convenient user authentication of
public sector
digital services

MyData in the Public Sector

MyData in the Public Sector

Virtual Assistant Service<br />for Citizens

Virtual Assistant Service
for Citizens

Subsidy 24

Subsidy 24

The National Digital Identifications in<br />mobile devices

The National Digital Identifications in
mobile devices

Subsidy 24

  • Difficulty in checking the eligible services
  • The inconvenience of having to prepare the required documents for each service
  • Logging in to the Government 24 website and hitting Agree To Use Easy checks of the benefits and services for you and your family all at once
  • Checking and applying for more than 7 thousand services all at once
  • Proactive ‘Subsidy 24’ service for vulnerable social groups
  • Better user experience through personalized service channel
  • 24-hour public consultation and services
  • More Inclusive digital services for all citizens


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