Improvements in digital government services to be led
by private sector software developers




The Ministry of the Interior and Safety (MOIS) of the Republic of Korea, together with the National Information Society Agency (NIA) will hold the 「Second e-Government Standard Framework Contribution*」 (hereinafter “the Contribution”) to reflect the private sector software developers’ ideas and feature improvement suggestions.

 * Contribution: open-source activities that help improve the service such as code reviews, tests, and bug reports.

 The event, to be held for the second time following the first one in 2021, was planned to improve the quality of e-government services by promoting the new e-Government Standard Framework (v 4.0) released on March 2 and gathering ideas for user-centered feature improvement. Participants can join online from March 28 to July 31. Individuals or companies that use the e-Government Standard Framework can participate in the event. They can download the source code from GitHub* (, edit, and submit changes, or register ideas to improve it.
   * Github: a global open-source platform where people can freely edit the code or make suggestions

 The suggestions registered will go through screening by experts and private sector developers and be reflected in the next e-Government Standard Framework distributed to public services. Outstanding individuals or companies will be awarded by the Minister of the Interior and Safety or the President of the National Information Society Agency. In the first Contribution last year, 18 developers participated, 219 ideas were suggested, and five people were selected as winners. Some of the suggestions include removal of unnecessary code, an addition of function tests, and implementation of new libraries. These were reflected immediately after the event. The rest will be reflected in the new version that will be released in the future.
▶ The official website for the e-Government Standard Framework:

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