「Maternity Support」Enables One-Stop Application
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It has been one year since the 「Maternity Support」 One-Stop Service was implemented nationwide in Korea.

The 「Maternity Support」 One-Stop Service, introduced nationwide on April 19 last year, is a comprehensive support service for pregnancy and childbirth for which guidance and application is available at ‘Government 24 (www.gov.kr)’, public health centers, or community service centers.

Previously, pregnant women had to apply for various support services such as pregnancy and childbirth medical expenses, folic acid and iron pills, and KTX (Korea Train eXpress) fare discounts at each service provider separately. However, through the 「Maternity Support」 One-Stop Service, they can now receive guidance and apply online at ‘Government 24’ without having to visit the public health center or the community service center, and have the folic acid and iron pills delivered to the place they want.

Moreover, by agreeing to the collection and use of information in advance, pregnant women can have their pregnancy information available online, and this eases the burden of submitting documents each time they apply for support services.

Over the past one year since the nationwide implementation of the 「Maternity Support」 Service, 83,000 applications were submitted, 70% of which were submitted at ‘Government 24.’ Also, the average number of delivery services per month more than doubled from 1,256 to 3,628.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of the Interior and Safety (MOIS) of the Republic of Korea  provides a comprehensive childbirth support service by integrating the「Happy Childbirth」 One-Stop Service with the 「Maternity Support」Service.

 * Happy Childbirth Service: A one-stop service for childbirth support that incorporates childcare allowances, child allowances, electricity bill benefits, etc. Guidance and application available at ‘Government 24’ or community service centers.

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