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□ Mr. Kim, a single father, lost his job after being diagnosed with early cancer. Faced with sudden financial distress, he visited a local community service center looking for support, and the center informed him about Subsidy24. Using Subsidy24, he found out that he is eligible for the housing expense and energy welfare rates support provided by a welfare foundation and the Seoul Energy Corporation, respectively. Thus, he could apply for them immediately.

□ Ms. Lee used Subsidy24 to find out that her father, who grows crops in Gangwon-do, can access the chronic disease management service provided by Yeongwol Medical Center. She also found out that he is eligible for a discount on cultural and sports facility admissions provided by Yeongwol Facilities Management Corporation. As such, she could let her father know about the benefits.


The Subsidy24 service entered its third phase on December 15, 2022. Now, the service allows users to access information on more than 10,000 services provided by central government ministries, local governments, and public institutions and find out which of the benefits apply to them and their families.

The first phase of the Subsidy24 service launched in 2021 provided information on benefits provided by the central government ministries. The scope expanded in Phase 2 to include local governments. Phase 3 broadens the scope even further, allowing users to check for all of the more than 10,000 benefits provided by the government.

The third phase also allows users to check for the eligibility of a family member who lives in another area for school or work with the family member’s consent. When a user has parents who live in another town and have difficulty using Subsidy24, the user can access the parents’ eligibility information and apply for eligible services as long as the parents visit the nearest community service center to consent to provide the information.

In addition, it includes the “Proactive Notification Service,” which notifies users about applicable services through GoodPy, the Virtual Assistant Service for Citizens, when their subsidy eligibility status changes due to relocation or turning 65.

In April 2021, shortly after its launch, Subsidy24 recorded 860,000 views. The view count reached 2.31 million at the end of November 2021, which almost tripled to 6.72 million in November 2022, shortly before the launch of Phase 3. Furthermore, a big data analysis of the sentiment words used on social media regarding Subsidy24 showed that around 90% of the words were positive, including “convenient” and “easy.”

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