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Office workers who combine work and childcare must use at least half-day leave to visit administrative agencies. How convenient would it be if you could immediately check what kind of subsidy you can receive regardless of place and time and even apply for it?
In Korea, the central and local governments and public organizations offer more than 10,000 services to citizens. When converted into US dollars, the value of these services would reach about $77 billion. However, citizens who needed to receive benefits had to visit the institution in charge of the service to check eligibility or sign up for the institution’s website to inquire whether they could receive benefits.

In many cases, applicants have difficulty applying or don’t know where to apply, so they miss out on benefits as eligibility criteria, application details, and documents to be submitted vary from service to service.
A survey by Tax Policy Center revealed that 22% of Americans didn’t claim the earned income tax credit because they didn’t know how to file.Subsidy24 is a service that allows you to check and apply for the benefits you can receive at once by logging on to Government24 (, and is configured to prevent cases where you do not miss out on benefits because you do not know it. Starting with 1,000 services from the central government agencies in April 2021, 6,800 services provided by local governments were added in December. From December of this year, 10,000 services can be checked and applied for at once, adding about 2,200 services from the public enterprises and education offices. Moreover, a function has been added that allows members of a family living in different regions to check the benefits of their family members only with their consent.

The service has been expanded to check the benefit available for parents living in rural areas, educational services to support children’s after-school activities, and search for train ticket discounts. If you are a citizen of the Republic of Korea, you can access Subsidy24 anytime, anywhere, and find all the government benefits to which you and your family are entitled.

Statistics show that Subsidy24 is widely used. In 2021, when the service was introduced, 2.31 million cases were recorded, and at the end of November this year, 6.72 million cases were recorded, a nearly tripling in two years of implementation.
As people’s satisfaction with actual use is also high, positive user reviews on Subsidy24 are spreading on social media channels.

The Yoon Suk Yeol government aims to implement a digital platform government in which the people, businesses, and the government work together to solve social problems and create new values on a digital platform. Subsidy24 is a representative example of  ‘preemptive public service that comes to you,’one of the five major initiatives of the digital platform government by the Republic of Korea. It is significant in that citizens can comfortably receive public services.

Subsidy24 is shifting the government’s administrative services paradigm by preemptively informing and fining necessary services for the people, going beyond the previous administrative service of responding to requests. We look forward to the new era of digital platform government through Subsidy24.

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