The Korean Government Calls for SaaS Solutions
for the Public Sector

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In April 2023, the Ministry of the Interior and Safety(MOIS) released the official needs of the public sector institutions for ‘Software as a Service(SaaS)’.

Currently, cloud service providers have difficulties actively developing SaaS solutions for the public sector because of a lack of information on service demands and understanding of operations in the public sector. As such, 
public sector institutions find it difficult to acquire adequate SaaS that meets all the requirements specific to the public sector.

To address these challenges, the MOIS surveyed public institutions to identify the SaaS solutions they need and analyzed the works and functions of them. Based on the findings, the MOIS identified and released 28 types of SaaS solution which are needed by pubic sector institutions.

The 28 types include key solutions that both central and local governments can use (instant messaging, electronic fax, overtime management, etc.) and other services widely used by local governments across Korea (parking violation control, outdoor advertisement management, etc.) To encourage the development of these types of SaaS solutions and increase their adoption rate, the MOIS is planning to match public institutions with SaaS providers directly and continue to release more information about the public sector’s demand for SaaS solutions. 


Source: Digital Resource Policy Division, MOIS


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