Mongolian Local Government Officials Visit the
Digital Government Exhibit Hall




On April 27, 2023 (Thursday), the twelve trainees participating in the Mongolian Local Government Official Competency Building Program visited the Digital Government Exhibit Hall to experience Korea’s advanced digital government policies and services and further enhance the digital government cooperative relationship between Korea and Mongolia.

During the visit, the officials learned about the current progress of Korea’s digital platform government initiative and the best practices in the field and actively discussed various topics related to Korea’s best digital government practices, including the intelligent transportation information system and Government 24, and follow-up plans after digital platform government development.

All of the trainees took a tour of the exhibit hall. They experienced the history and future of the Korean digital government, the digital government service map, customized life-cycle services, excellent digital government content, overseas expansion of the Korean digital government model, and online promotion of the digital government initiative.

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