Korea to expand cooperation
with Indonesia and Peru in the digital ID sector




The Korean Ministry of the Interior and Safety (MOIS) will engage in a broader cooperation with the Indonesian and Peruvian governments in the digital ID sector. Recently, the Korean government successfully deployed the blockchain-based mobile driver’s ID.

The MOIS is currently working with the Indonesian Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform to operate the Korea-Indonesia Digital Government Cooperation Center in Jakarta and plans to develop a strategy for digital ID adoption as part of their 2023 cooperation projects. As Indonesia continues to build its own national service portal, the country faces growing needs for online services, including user authentication and electronic signature. In particular, Indonesia plans to adopt a national digital ID system that considers privacy and other relevant issues.

The MOIS and the Peru Prime Minister’s Office jointly established the Korea-Peru Digital Government Cooperation Center in Lima. They recently reviewed a plan to develop a national data center and a cloud-based digital document management system. The need for digital ID has been growing in Peru in recent years as the country’s digital transformation process picks up the pace and the market penetration of mobile devices increases. In response, the Korea-Peru Digital Government Cooperation Center plans to assess the feasibility of digital ID service in the country and establish an adoption plan this year.

The Korean government is also considering releasing the source codes of its blockchain-based digital ID solutions to pursue cooperation in digital ID with more countries in keeping with the growing need for digital IDs. 

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