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The number of public services accessible with simplified authentication to expand from 110 to 180.
The number of private authentication certificates for the services to increase to 14, with the addition of Kakao Bank and Woori Bank certificates.

In 2021, the Ministry of the Interior and Safety (MOIS) launched the “Simplified Authentication” service for official websites, allowing users to access (login) them using private authentication certificates.
The service expands users’ access to public services by allowing them to use their preferred private authentication certificates in addition to joint or financial authentication certificates.

 * Simplified Authentication: An authentication method that allows users to access public services with their preferred private 
                                                       authentication certificates(Kakao Bank, Naver, PASS by mobile carrier, Toss, Hana Bank, etc.) 

As of September 2023, the Simplified Authentication will be applied to 70 new public services, including the 112 Emergency Notification App (National Police Agency), Drug Safety Country (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety), and the Online Administrative Appeal System (Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission), increasing the number of public services supporting Simplified Authentication to 180 in total. 

The MOIS will also expand the lineup of private authentication certificates available on official websites or applications. Currently, 12 private authentication certificates are available, which will go up to 14 when the Ministry adds two new bank-issued authentication certificates by the end of this year.

The MOIS plans to spur the dissemination of Simplified Authentication, providing people with easier and more convenient access to various digital platform government services.

Source: Digital Safe Policy Division, MOIS

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