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The MOIS to launch the Citizen-Driven Digital Service Evaluation Program to improve user experience of digital public services through the engagement of citizens from various age groups, genders, and digitally vulnerable groups

The Korean government sets out to improve the user experience of government websites and mobile applications by working with the people who actually use those services.

The Ministry of the Interior and Safety (MOIS) announced that it is launching the Citizen-Driven Digital Service Evaluation Program as a part of the Public Website and App User Interface/Experience (UI/UX)* Innovation Project under the Digital Platform Government Realization Plan announced by the Presidential Committee on the Digital Platform Government.
* User Interface (UI): screen layouts and components through which users access public websites and applications
* User eXperience (UX): the totality of responses, emotions, and other experiences users have when using the services

The Citizen-Driven Digital Service Evaluation Program is an institutional manifestation of citizen-driven service development and enhancement. The MOIS will start an open call process to form the evaluation panels for the program. All Koreans aged 19 or older can apply as long as they are capable of using the Internet. The panels will be organized in a way to include diverse members across age, gender, and other groups. In particular, the ministry developed the selection criteria to ensure that people with disabilities and digitally vulnerable groups are included.

The panels will rate their satisfaction and report issues with key features offered by widely used public websites, including civil complaints, information search, and document issuance. The 298* public websites include those of central administrative agencies and public institutions, such as Government24, Hometax, ePOST, and the Korean Law Information Center.

The evaluation results are not merely used to improve specific services but provided as primary data for the universal UI/UX guide for public websites and applications, which will be developed in the late half of this year, through in-death analysis of detailed issues and possible improvements. The results will also be considered in government performance evaluations.


Source: Digital Service Policy Division

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