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Opening Ceremony of the SMARTPASS service on 28 July 2023 ahead of the full-scale operation from the year of 2025

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport  and Incheon International Airport Corporation announced that they would hold the ‘SmartPass Service Opening Ceremony’ at 3:00 pm on Friday 28 July in Incheon International Airport Terminal 2.

The SmartPass is a service that is utilized for the first time at a domestic airport using advanced facial recognition technology to speed up the departure process by registering ‘facial recognition’ information without taking out passports or boarding passes.

Some parts of the SmartPass service will be launched in July 2023, which was started from April 2022 as the first project, and the full-scale expansion of the service is scheduled to be operated from April 2025 based on the launching of the second project in April 2023.
Until now, passengers at Incheon International Airport had to present their identification documents (passports) to the security screeners every time for verifying their identity, however, passengers using this service are expected to avoid such hassle and the time for identification is expected to be shortened.

In addition, the level of aviation security could be significantly enhanced as it is difficult to falsify and duplicate due to the unique characteristics of human biometric information.

To use the SmartPass service, you should register your facial recognition information in the mobile application or at the self-check-in kiosk at the airport at least 30 minutes before using the service, and the registered facial recognition information can be used for 5 years from the date of initial registration.

Even if you use registered facial recognition information, you must carry your passport and boarding pass, and departure halls are available regardless of the airlines, while boarding gates are available only for some participating airlines.

Incheon International Airport Corporation plans to operate a publicity booth to introduce the SmartPass service to travelers during the summer peak season.


source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport(MOLIT)
          Aviation Security Policy Division

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