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Quickly access answers to your civil petitions with Korea Post’s Mobile Mailbox app

In keeping with the increased demand for sending e-documents, the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission (ACRC) has improved the efficiency of the civil complaint process by allowing people to use Korea Post’s Mobile Mailbox app to receive answers to their petitions at e-People.

The ACRC announced that it would improve the notification method of e-People, using the Post Office e-Document Service of Korea Post under the Ministry of Science and ICT.

The Post Office e-Document Service is an expansion and upgrade to mail notification, one of the existing notification channels* used at e-People. The service replaces paper notifications hand-delivered by mailmen with e-documents conveniently sent to the Mobile Mailbox app.
   * Website, email, and paper document (mail)

The improvement will shorten the time required to receive written answers from the relevant institutions (3 to 4 days → 1 day), and allow institutions to save around KRW 1 billion in document delivery costs per year (per three A4 sheets: KRW 2,700 → KRW 140).
   * In 2022, written answers were provided for a total of 414,000 petitions.

The replacement of paper documents with e-documents will also facilitate document storage and management.
Twenty-six institutions, including the ACRC, the Ministry of the Interior and Safety, and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, will provide answers in e-documents.
To receive petition answers in e-documents, petitioners should install and sign up for the Mobile Mailbox app and complete the authentication process at the ACRC with their mobile numbers or other personal information.

 source: Anti-Corruption & Civil Rights Commision

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