Government Complex Sejong 1 Smart Work Center Reopened at Central Building

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▶ The new center features workstations powered by the 5G Government Network and conference rooms capable of hosting private-public video meetings.
▶ The center is expected to boost private-public collaboration and expedite the work process on-site.

The Ministry of the Interior and Safety (MOIS, Minister Lee Sang-min) announced the reopening of the Government Complex Sejong 1 Smart Work Center* from its current location at Building 4 of the complex to the newly constructed Central Building, following the relocation of the MOIS and the Ministry of Economy and Finance to the new building. 
* Smart Work Center: A space for remote work, offering a work environment close to users’ places of residence, away from their office. Each center offers IT infrastructure and work environment for various tasks, as well as video conferencing systems for easier communication with their office. 

The Government Complex Sejong 1 Smart Work Center first opened in December 2012 inside Building 4 of the complex, in time with the relocation of administrative bodies to Sejong City, to provide public officials and public institution employees with places to hold meetings and perform various tasks when they visit Sejong City on business. The number of users reached 20,000 in 2022.

The reopened center at the Central Building has been scaled up from its previous location (574 ㎡ → 582 ㎡), taking account of the increased number of users and the diversity of their needs. 

The center features 24 workstations and 10 conference rooms (3 for video conferences, 7 for face-to-face meetings), and a coffee room and rest area where visitors can work and relax. 
In particular, capitalizing on the recent advancements in information and communications technology (ICT), the MOIS will test the application of the 5G Government Network* to workstations at the center. 
* 5G Government Network: A 5G-only public administration network designed to expedite work processes in the office environment by replacing wired connection with wireless connection.

As the demand for video conferencing with the pirvate sector has increased, the center also offers three separate video conference rooms for private-public video conferences in addition to face-to-face conference rooms. 

The reopening of the Government Complex Sejong 1 Center will increase the number of Smart Work Centers across Korea to 18. The Smart Work Center user base continues to grow. In 2022, a total of 116,678 officials and employees used Smart Work Centers across Korea, representing a 14.3% increase (by 14,562) from 102,116 in 2021.

The 2022 Smart Work Center User Survey found that the centers boost work efficiency, facilitate environmental protection, and contribute to work-life balance. According to the survey result, a single visit to a Smart Work Center saves 99 minutes of travel time and KRW 15,769 in transportation costs.

source: Local Digital Government Coordination Division, MOIS

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