Mobile ID Meets Samsung Pay for Easier Access to Services Ranging
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▶ The MOIS and Samsung signed an MOU for opening Mobile IDs to the private sector.
▶ Next year, a pilot service will be launched with Samsung Pay and two type of mobile IDs, which will spread to private sector apps.

Going forward, mobile IDs will not merely replace conventional IDs but also serve as a secure and convenient way to access new public-private convergent services. 

The Ministry of the Interior and Safety (MOIS, Minister Lee Sang-min) announced its plan to launch new convergent services for two mobile IDs (Mobile Driver’s License and National Veterans Registration Card) that utilize secure storage in Samsung smartphones. 

The MOIS is working with Samsung Electronics to build a common foundation for the convenient and secure use of mobile IDs at various private sector applications, utilizing powerful hardware-based security solutions that only a global smartphone manufacturer can develop.

The new services will securely store the mobile ID data in a secure storage space (TrustZone) within the application processor (AP) chipset embedded in Samsung Electronics' smartphones. The service eradicates malicious threats from outside intruders and malicious programs during the issuance and use of mobile IDs, thereby building a safe and convenient foundation for various private-sector apps.

The MOIS will first launch a pilot public-facing service early next year for the two mobile ID cards (Mobile Driver's License and National Veterans Registration Card) through Samsung Pay. The ministry will also scale up the availability of the service in several phases to include a wider array of private sector apps people use in their daily lives. 

This will allow citizens to obtain and use mobile IDs directly from their favorite private sector apps without the need to install a separate government ID app. These open IDs, coupled with the creativity and innovation of the enterprises, , will open up opportunities to create new business models* for online and offline services that require authentication.

* Mobile ID Convergent Service Example: Parking fee discount for veterans

source : Local Administration Division & Digital Security Policy Division, MOIS

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