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▶The MOIS will develop a digital environment complete with auto-filling for public service forms, including AI-based speech-to-text input and other features to enhance convenience for visitors. Phased integration will commence in 2025.
▶Some of the features such as Online Reservation will be provided via private sector apps.

Digital environments will be set up at civil service centers of administrative bodies and public institutions to provide visitors with easier and more convenient access to civil and administrative services.

The Ministry of the Interior and Safety (Minister: Lee Sang-min, MOIS) announced the plan to build Digital Civil Service Centers at civil service centers operated by local governments across Korea.

The Digital Civil Service Center offers a digital environment complete with features designed to improve visitors’ experience with various registration and application processes. The features include auto-filling for civil service forms and speech-to-text input powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

The auto-fill feature automatically fills in required fields in various civil service forms after a simple authentication process using a mobile ID or fingerprint so that visitors do not have to enter their names, resident numbers, addresses, and other personal information for each form.

The digital environment will be accompanied by an unmanned service station powered by Government 24, allowing visitors to apply for documents anytime as long as they are available for instant issuance. The MOIS also plans to launch the Online Reservation service to minimize waiting time, and offer the services on Kakao, Naver, and other private sector apps to allow visitors to use the service without installing a separate app.


Source: Public Service Innovation Divison, MOIS

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