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ㅇ A demonstration was held for technologies to pinpoint the location of people requesting emergency rescue using smartphone signals and apprehend criminals using intelligent CCTV systems.

The Korean National Police Agency (KNPA) held a demonstration for two new digital technologies, developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT) for emergency rescue and crime response, at the Dobong Police Station in Seoul. 

 The first technology precisely pinpoints the location of people requesting emergency rescue. The hybrid positioning technology measures various signals detected by the person’s mobile phone to pinpoint his/her initial location accurately and quickly, even in high-rise buildings and other environments posing difficulty in locating the victims. Then, police officers arriving at the site use the “Mobile Wi-Fi Access Point”* to search the area and locate the victim.
  * The victim’s smartphone receives the signal from the access point (AP) held by the officer on site and transmits the relevant information to the police situation room so that the victim’s location can be estimated based on the AP’s location.

Precision Location Technology for People Requesting Emergency Rescue Process Image

This year, the KNPA distributed Mobile Wi-Fi Access Points across seven police stations in Korea (Gumi in Gyeongsangbuk-do, Seocheon in Chungcheongnam-do, etc.) starting with the Dobong Police Station in September 2002, which contributed to 66 emergency rescues, including finding a missing child in less than an hour.

  The second technology uses intelligent CCTV systems to track down criminals. Based on the victim’s description, artificial intelligence (AI) analyzes CCTV footage to track the suspect’s movement. In the demonstration, which simulated a real-life situation, the suspect was arrested in only four minutes after the report.

 The Korean government plans to further develop crime response technologies using the Internet of Things (IoT) and AI and broaden their use in fighting crimes in earnest.


Source: The KNPA and the MSIT

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