Stanadardized Nationwide Fire Prevention Information System
to Enhance citizens’ convenience by transforming firefighting services from offline to online

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- Expansion of 24/7 online civil services on the firefighting service portal ( 
- Standardization of nationwide fire prevention systems enables one-stop processing, from receiving service requests to processing and printing of results, regardless of time and location

The Korea National Fire Agency has switched in-person firefighting civil services to an online service system by establishing a standardized nationwide fire prevention information system.

Previously, integrating and linking prevention services was difficult due to decentralized systems operated by  by local governments. In-person civil services, requiring visits to fire departments, accounted for more than 50%, causing inconvenience to citizens.

The system integrates firefighting-related civil services into the Online Firefighting Portal ( and operates by digitizing 21 types of in-person services, including self-inspection applications and result reports for fire facilities, and commencement (change) reports for fire facility construction according to the Firefighting System Installation Business Act.

By utilizing this system, not only can paperwork be simplified, but citizens can also access service requests, reviews, electronic approval, and printing processing results, all in one place.

Moreover, the real-time identification of nationwide building status, drawings, and risk factors through online data accumulation and integration with the building administration system is expected to contribute to swift disaster response and prevention of safety accidents.

Source: Fire Analytics & Regulations Division, National Fire Agency

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