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The Ministry of the Interior and Safety is set to release public data spanning 20 sectors closely related to citizens' daily lives, covering law, safety, and entrepreneurship (18 complete private service datasets and two identity verification services), under the "Project for Releasing National Priority Data" this year.

MOIS will identify open data with significant effectiveness and urgency and immediate relevance considering user demand and socioeconomic impact, and support relevant organizations to share such data through open APIs.
Notable examples are the "Transportation Card Usage History Reconstruction Data and Statistics Data" and the "Central Government Legislation Interpretation Data."

The "Transportation Card Usage History Reconstruction Data," provided by the Korea Transport Safety Authority, contains information such as boarding and alighting times, bus and subway routes, stop and station details, and transfer frequencies. 
When coupled with public transportation usage statistics, this dataset can catalyze the emergence of new industries such as foot traffic and market analysis services and can be used to make a policy for mitigating public transportation congestion and analyzing user traffic patterns.

The "Central Government Legislation Interpretation Data," shared by the Ministry of Government Legislation, converts previously scattered, unstructured legal interpretation data from various ministries into machine-readable formats. This is expected to drive the growth of legal-tech* companies by accelerating legal research and analysis, while enhancing transparency in legal interpretation, thereby fostering equitable and judicious ministerial adjudications.
 * Legal-tech: A portmanteau of "legal" and "technology," referring to new legal services leveraging IT technology.

An example of an identity verification service is the establishment of the "Employment and Occupational Health Enrollment and Payment Certificate Verification Service (Korea Workers' Compensation & Welfare Service)." This is poised to streamline administrative procedures by enabling pre-verification of various certificates. 


Source: Public Data Policy Division, Ministry of the Interior and Safety

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