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The Ministry of the Interior and Safety and the Ministry of Economy and Finance of South Korea have launched the "Integrated Subsidy Portal (www.bojo.go.kr)," which consolidates and offers details on national subsidies (e-Naradoum) and local subsidies* (Botaem-e), commencing service from February 22.

* The current Botaem-e website (www.losims.go.kr) will be maintained at the same time to avoid confusion among private subsidy recipients.

Key services provided by the Integrated Subsidy Portal include:
  1. (Customized Search) Citizens can tailor their search for subsidies by inputting personal information like age and, gender, as well as preferences like eligibility, region, and subject matter.
  2. (Public Tender Search) Subsidy recipients can search for public tenders aligned with their specified criteria, such as program area and subject matter, and apply for suitable subsidies.
  3. (Information Disclosure) Subsidy recipients (with national subsidies exceeding KRW 10 million*) are required to disclose their subsidy applications, income and expenditure records, settlement reports, and important assets obtained through subsidies.
  4. (Statistics Center) The Portal provides data on budget allocations and expenditure status of subsidies, along with key details of subsidy programs (program objectives, eligibility criteria, implementing agencies, etc.), and implementation progress (status of subsidy granting, execution, and settlement).

Additionally, there are plans to seamlessly integrate the data-centric "Integrated Subsidy Portal" with "Subsidy24 (a Gov24 service)," which offers subsidy verification and application services, slated for implementation* (in the first half of 2024).

* 「For subsidies serviced in "Subsidy24" among the subsidy programs on the Integrated Subsidy Portal, direct links to subsidy program information will be additionally provided.

Source: Ministry of the Interior and Safety's Non-tax Receipts and Subsidy Information Division, Ministry of Economy and Finance's Fraudulent Receipt Control Division

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