Mobile IDs Now Available on Private Sector Apps, Further Eliminating the Need for Physical Wallets

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- On March 20, the Samsung Wallet app pilots the mobile ID (driver’s license, MPVA registration card) service.
- The IDs carry the same legal effect as the government app mobile IDs. Other private-sector apps will be added to the list going forward.

On March 20, the Ministry of the Interior and Safety (MOIS) launched a pilot service to open mobile IDs to the public. With the pilot launch, two mobile IDs (driver’s license and MPVA registration card) can be issued on the Samsung Wallet app.

A mobile ID is a smartphone-based digital ID offering enhanced user experience and security. It is issued to the user’s smartphone in accordance with the applicable law and can be used in public institutions, financial institutions, airports, voting stations, car rentals, restaurants, convenience stores, and anywhere else physical IDs are used.

The MOIS signed a memorandum of understanding with Samsung Electronics last October to open the mobile ID card service to the private sector. Then, in December 2023, the ministry built a shared hardware foundation for the convenient and secure use of mobile IDs on various private apps.

Mobile IDs issued on Samsung Wallet are securely stored in TrustZone, a secure storage space within the application processor (AP) chipset in Samsung smartphones, eliminating threats from incoming attacks and malicious programs during the issuance and use of mobile ID data.

The pilot service will test the security of the shared hardware foundation, and an open call will begin in the first half of this year to select private sector operators for the mobile ID project.

Private sector businesses can provide mobile ID services once they satisfy the selection criteria on security and other categories.

Source:Digital Security Policy Division; Institution Reform Division of The Presidential Committee on the Digital Platform Government (hereinafter Digital Platform Government Committee, DPGC)

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