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2024 MOIS Work Plan
Built on Trust and Collaboration:
Digital Platform Government
1. Build people’s trust toward digital administrative services
- Enhance full-time control to prevent failures
- Minimize inconvenience through rapid response and restoration
- Enhance the foundation for service stabilization
2. Ensure convenient and watertight public service delivery
- Reconsider document requirements for various services
- Minimize login process and time for more accessible public services
- Provide preemptive alerts and eliminate blind spots to achieve inclusive public services
- Build a user-friendly petition system and environment
3. Completely change the way we work to become a problem-solving government
- Work as “one team” to overcome silos and focus on issues affecting the people
- Use AI to improve work efficiency
- Resolve social issues faster by sharing data
Safe Living, Dynamic Provinces, Warm-hearted and Trusted Government
The MOIS will lead the transition to a government of action and a government focused on problem solving.
- [Change 1] Sustainable: Government for the Age of Decentralization
- [Change 2] Science/Field-Oriented: Government for People’s Safety
- [Change 3] Built on Trust and Cooperation: Digital Platform Government
- [Change 4] Care for Low-income and Vulnerable Groups: Government for the People
- [Change 5] Better Life for All: Unifying Government

Source: Ministry of the Interior and Safety

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