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Statistics Korea Launches the “Natural Disaster Statistics Map” Service

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- The service offers statistical maps showing the distribution of vulnerable groups in areas with high risk of typhoons, floods, or landslides.

Statistics Korea has completed the development of the “Natural Disaster Statistics Map,” which provides access to geospatial statistics related to natural disasters in Korea. The map will be open to public starting on April 25 at the Statistical Geographic Information System (SGIS) website (

The service primarily offers a statistical map of disaster-prone areas by combining geospatial statistics with information on the impact range of disasters.

- The geospatial statistics is developed based on population and business census data from Statistics Korea, building register from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and the farm map from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

- The disaster impact range is linked with weather reports from the Korea Meteorological Administration, the flood risk map from the Han River Flood Control Office, and the landslide risk map from the Korea Forest Service.

- Key information offerings include vulnerable groups (elderly, etc.) and areas, microentrepreneur business information, underground spaces and dilapidated buildings, and rice paddy, crop field, and orchard areas.

The disaster-prone areas currently consist of areas affected by typhoons, floods, and landslides, with a plan to add heat waves to the list, reflecting its growing severity in recent years.

The map will be linked to the “Life Safety Map” in collaboration with the Ministry of the Interior and Safety (MOIS) for improved public access and available on local government websites.

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Source: Geospatial Information Service Division, Statistics Korea

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