What is e-Government Day?



JUNE. 2021

June 24, 1967 was the day when the Republic of Korea started computerizing administrative affairs to handle demographic data.

More than four decades later, Korea has evolved into a world-leading digital government, ranking first three consecutive times in the United Nations e-Government survey, and taking first place two years in a row in the OECD’s OUR data index.

Against this backdrop, the government revised the Electronic Government Act in September 2017 as an effort to create an intelligent e-Government and bolster its status as a global leader in the field. It also designated e-Government Day to share e-Government achievements with the citizens, creating a shared vision and continuously improving the digital government.

In celebration of the e-Government’s 4th anniversary, citizens, government officials, experts from the private sector, academia will join together to freely discuss future directions for the Korean intelligent Government, and get a glance at the forthcoming government plan.

The government is taking another leap into the better future.


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