Digital Government Achievements
and Mid- and Long-term Plans in South Korea



JUNE. 2021

Achievements of Korea’s digital government innovation, some of best practices of digital government during the COVID-19 pandemic, and comprehensive future plan, the 2nd e-Government Master Plan (2021-2025).

#1. Achievements in digital government innovation
  • Digital documents
    Smartphone users can issue and store various civil affairs documents and digital certificates such as COVID-19 vaccine certificate on their devices.
    * 100 types of documents (2020) → 300 types (late 2021)
  • Plug-in free
    Public websites are easily accessible without installing plug-ins.
  • Private authentication certificate
    Public websites are easily accessible using private authentication certificates, not public key certificates.
  • Public MyData
    Public MyData has strengthened data sovereignty of the people.
    * 8 types of administrative data sets provided (Feb. 2020) → 35 types (Dec. 2021)
  • Virtual Assistant Service
    The Korean Government’s virtual assistant service provides people with tailored administrative information closely related to their daily lives.
  • Subsidy 24
    Simply logging into the Gov 24 website allows one to check various government benefits without a need to visit different institutions or websites.
    * Over 300 benefits (Apr. 2021) → over 6,000 (Dec. 2021)
  • Welfare Membership
    The Welfare Membership program provides guidance on necessary welfare services and helps people conveniently apply for these services.
  • Mobile Driver’s license
    Drivers may download their license digitally on their smartphone securely and conveniently.

#2. Best Practices of Digital Government during the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Notification for public mask
    The Korean government supplied 80 percent of the daily production of public masks through local pharmacies, post offices and stores operated by the National Agriculture Cooperative Federation (NongHyup). The public can check mask availability near them on their PC or smartphone.
  • Self-quarantine Safety Protection
    The self-quarantine safety protection app has been launched to remotely manage people under self-quarantine.
  • Online school
    In order to provide seamless education during the pandemic, regular classes have been converted into remote-learning.
  • Distribution of emergency disaster relief funds
    Emergency disaster relief funds were distributed across the country as a countermeasure against COVID-19 economic disruptions, such as a drop in customer numbers at multi-use facilities, restaurants, shopping malls, and other locations.
    ※The private-public partnership with 18 card companies resulted in secure and rapid distribution of the funds.
    99.5% received the funds within one month, as of June 8th, 2021.

#3. The 2nd e-Government Master Plan (2021-2025)
Digital Opens a Wonderful World
By 2025
Achieve 80% digital conversion rate for key public services.
Achieve 100% cloud conversion rate for administrative and public institutions.
  • Design public services degitally.
  • Provide public services via channels of citizens’ choice.
  • Ensure that the citizens provide their information only once to the government.
  • Expand open data and services to the private sector.
01Innovate Intelligent Government Services
Provide public services via channels of citizens’ choice.
Expand the use of MyData and digital documents.
Promote mobile identification and simple authentication.
Innovate preemptive, customized services.
02Enhance Data-based Administration
Promote data-based scientific administration.
Enhance safety management based on on-site data.
Promote user-driven public data and service disclosure.
Establish cloud-based work environment.
03Strengthen Digital Foundation
Improve the environment for using inclusive digital services.
Promote public-private partnership to enhance digital services.
Strengthen international cooperation.
Implement institutional reform to better support digital innovation.


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