Korea attended the 8th Digital Nations Ministerial Summit under the theme of “Digital Government in Open Societies”

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The Ministry of the Interior and Safety(MOIS, Minister Jeon Hae-cheol)  announced Minister Jeon Hae-cheol attended the 8th Digital Nations Ministerial Summit virtually and discussed how to lead sustainability and inclusive innovation of digital government on November 18 

Digital Nations is a collaborative forum of the world’s leading digital governments. It was established in 2014 with five countries including Korea, the United Kingdom and Estonia as founding members. The membership has now been extended to include 10 nations* after Canada, Denmark and others joined the forum. 
* Republic of Korea, the United Kingdom, Estonia, Denmark, Canada, Israel, New Zealand, Uruguay, Portugal, Mexico  

This year’s Digital Nations Summit was held under the theme of “Digital Government in Open Societies: Sustainable, Inclusive and Values-driven Innovation” with the United Kingdom as Chair. More than 70 delegates including ministers and high-level officials from 10 member states participated in the Summit to explore the roles of digital government to lead the post COVID-19 recovery and design effective responses to pending social issues.

In the leadup to the Ministerial Summit, the steering committee meeting was held on November 16 and thematic sessions on November 17 virtually as sideline events.      

At those meetings, member countries shared their national policies and discussed future cooperation in digital-based participatory policymaking, designing life event services, net zero and digital government, accessibility of digital services and inclusiveness, transparency and ethics of Artificial Intelligence, and digital identity.

At the Ministerial Summit on November 18, Minister Jeon  presented Korea’s Virtual Assistant Service for the Public designed to offer customized public administration information to the people as well as Mobile ID, Public MyData Service and other examples of data-driven public administration services to build a more convenient and secure digital world.

He also introduced digital government innovation of Korea to the global community and discussed future directions with other ministers of the member states.

Korea is a next hosting country of the Digital Nations Summit in 2022 as Chair where ministers from the 10 member states are expected to have face-to-face meetings for the first time after COVID-19.


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