This system is a major government-wide online communication
channel where all civil petitions, proposals, and policy discussions
are conveniently filed and processed on the Internet.

System feature

  1. One-stop processing

    Once a petition or a proposal is filed, the system relays it to the most relevant
    institution for one-stop processing. It also administers a feedback satisfaction
    assessment to improve the service quality.
    More than 900 government entities including ministries, local government offices,
    educational offices, overseas diplomatic offices, and judicial organizations are
    connected to E-People

  2. Easy addition of new administrative institutions and service expansion

    The number of participating organizations increased from 7 in 2005 to 924 in
    2017, with service additions including petition/proposal filing and policy engagement
    (2005), government waste report (2011) and public interest report (2012).

  3. Big data analysis service

    The system monitors people’s opinions and identifies frequently-filed or rapidly
    increasing requests, which are then transferred to relevant institutions for com-
    plaint prevention and an early resolution.


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