(National Information Resources Service)




A government-exclusive data center shared by over
40 government agencies, with innovative management
and security systems to enhance efficiency and safety of
digital government services.

System feature

  1. Conversion to an intelligent cloud computing center

    By converting central government work systems to G-Cloud, an exclusive cloud
    platform for government use, different ministries share a common information
    system and have flexible access to information resources, reducing costs and
    increasing resource utilization.

  2. Stable and efficient operation of the Digital Government system

    With the use of an independently-developed integrated operation automation
    system (nTOPs, national Total Operation Platform System) and a big data log
    analysis system (nSIMS, National Security & Information Management System)
    and through the replacement of outdated equipment and failure response
    simulation training, the system provides more stable services.
    Through standardizing information resources and enhancing resource utilization,
    system operation and management efficiency have improved and system
    construction costs reduced by 30%. The Vulnerability Assessment Management
    System, which automates security vulnerability checks that used to be done manually,
    significantly reduces the time needed to assess security vulnerabilities in
    the entire system from 70 days to 7 days.

  3. Strengthening response to cyber threats

    An AI-based intelligent security system is being developed, incorporating key
    fourth industrial revolution technologies such as AI, Big data, and security technology.
    By design, AI will learn massive amounts of security data and monitor
    anomalies so as to predict and prevent not only known forms of security attacks
    but also new ones, thereby safeguarding the national information system from
    various cyber threats that are increasingly advanced, intelligent and diverse.

  4. Support for IT businesses and international cooperation

    Private-public partnerships are reinforced to support global expansion of small-to-medium-sized Korean IT companies. In addition, the Government Integrated Data Center (GIDC) tours and benchmarking programs are offered to international public officials.


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