(One-Stop Civil Service Portal)




A one-stop portal where citizens can receive guidance
and apply for services related to different life cycle stages
such as pregnancy, childbirth, and death.

System feature

  1. Comprehensive guidance

    Guidance on different service groups available at different stages of life, such as
    pregnancy, childbirth, and death, is provided ahead of time so that users do not
    have to look up individual services separately.

  2. One-stop service applications

    Through administrative information sharing and system links, users can check
    their qualifications in real-time and apply for services online (with some exceptions)
    without having to visit public offices to issue documents or submit applications.

  3. Delivery services

    For services provided in the form of merchandise (e.g., folic acid and iron
    supplements for pregnant women), recipients can choose to make online requests
    for parcel deliveries so they can receive goods at home without a need to visit an

  4. Mobile services

    Key services are provided on mobile devices for user convenience.


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