This system provides information held and managed
by public institutions to citizens in a convenient and prompt
manner with the aim of expanding their right to know and
enhance transparency in public administration.

System feature

  1. Information disclosure in its original form

    The system provides the original texts of documents produced in public
    institutions on a real-time basis, which are classified as information to be
    disclosed and approved by director-level executives or higher.

  2. Information disclosure before request

    Public institutions disclose in advance, even before requests are made from
    citizens, the information on policies that are closely related to citizens’ daily lives
    and large-scale budget projects, which citizens are likely to be highly interested in.
    - It provides the information title and link for users to conveniently look up the list
    of information already disclosed on the website of each institution.

  3. One-stop processing

    Once a request is filed, the institution holding the information reviews whether
    or not to disclose the information, notifies of the decision and provides the
    requested information.
    - The process of search, request and perusal is all offered at a one-stop shop.

  4. Mobile Services

    There is also a mobile service, through which citizens can request for information
    without restrictions of time and place and check the results
    (launched in June 2017).


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