Automated Immigration
Clearance System (SES)




Smart Entry Service (SES) is a state-of-the-art system
that registers passport information and biometric information
(fingerprint, face) in advance under the name of the Automated
Immigration System in Korea, and then uses it to conduct
immigration inspection at the Smart Entry Service Gate.

System feature

  1. Immigration inspection using biometric information (ICRM)

    The system detects foreigner identity mismatches using biometric information
    such as fingerprints and facial images.

  2. Fast immigration clearance through auto-gates (SES)

    The system completes the immigration clearance of each Korean national in an
    average 15 seconds on average, without face-to-face inspection.

  3. Safe border management through passenger verification in advance (i-PreChecking)

    The system receives and analyzes passenger information in advance, notifies
    airlines of whether the passengers are entitled to have boarding passes issued,
    and blocks the boarding of passengers liable to committing crimes in advance.

  4. Foreigners’ stay management and provision of life information (Visa Portal and Hi Korea)

    - Korea Visa Portal handles visa applications and issuances for foreigners.
    - Hi Korea is a portal that offers life information for foreigners.


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