Korea Safe Map





This is an easy-to-understand map system accessed through
the Internet and the mobile app, which provides integrated disas-
ter and safety information of different ministries so that citizens
can cope with disasters or safety issues in their daily lives.

System feature

Thematic map service on 8 safety areasThe system integrates information on potential risks in daily lives of citizens into
8 areas (security, transport, disaster, customized information*, facility, industry,
public health, and safety accident), and displays the information on the digital
thematic map (2D/3D) through the Internet or the mobile app.
* Customized information means safety map information customized to women
or children, who are vulnerable to safety issues, that is offered based on compre-
hensive analysis of relevant data, including crimes and transport safety.
Safety facility information serviceThe system allows users to find locations and contact numbers of major safety
facilities, such as public facilities including the police and fire stations and emer-
gency facilities like shelters and hospitals.
Safety report information serviceThe system displays potential risk information, as reported by citizens through
the ‘SafePeople’ web/app and ‘Safety Monitoring Volunteers Group’, on the map
for users to be aware of.

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