(Welfare Information System)




This is a major portal that provides welfare information for
citizens in an integrated manner so they can find the service they
need, apply for the service online, or request for help with their
lives (as of 2014 when the system was redeveloped).

System feature

  1. Welfare service information

    The system provides information on welfare services of central government
    ministries (347) and local governments (6,000), based on which it offers life
    cycle-based notification services and ustomized welfare information.

  2. Online application service

    Applications for 16 welfare services can be made online-including infant care
    fees, pre-school fees, child home-care allowances, elementary/middle/high
    school students’ educational expenses, basic pension and disability pension-and
    there are constantly increasing services available for online application.

  3. Mobile service

    Major services are also available on mobile app for improved user convenience.

  4. Welfare policy information and statistics

    The system provides information on welfare issues/news, welfare columns, info-
    graphics, social security statistics, neighborhood welfare facilities, etc.


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