(Employment Information Platform)




This system or platform is operated by the Ministry of
Employment and Labor and Korea Employment Information
Service. It offers contents for career or employment support such
as public/private job information, employment policy information,
job placement, etc.

System feature

  1. Interconnection to job information network of public and private sectors

    Interconnected to 31 public and private job search websites, including systems
    of Ministry of Personnel Management, Human Resources Development Service,
    Military Manpower Administration and Ministry of the Interior and Safety,
    Work-Net provides all employment information at a one-stop shop.

  2. Customized job information search

    The platform enables customized job search by location, age, salary, working
    condition, number of employees, etc.

  3. Vocational aptitude and psychological tests

    The platform provides a total of 23 types of tests for youths (10) and adults (13),
    helping them find their vocational preferences, aptitudes and values.

  4. ‘Work-Net for Youths’, customized to young job seekers

    The platform provides information targeted toward young job seekers, such as
    field report from small yet competitive companies, job introduction videos, and
    guides to writing self-introduction letters and preparing for interviews.

  5. Mobile service

    The platform offers services on vocational preference test, resume management,
    customized job search, and application support particularlyoptimized for mobile


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