(Seoul Transport Operation Information Service)




This cutting-edge traffic information system integrates
and manages transport information (traffic flow and unexpected
incidents) of the megacity Seoul with 10 million population,
provides and analyzes a wide range of transport information, and
facilitates citizens’ travel convenience and policy-making.

System feature

  1. Integrated transport management

    The system takes control of real-time traffic conditions and unexpected incidents
    and provides information on traffic flow, public transportation, road CCTV images
    and parking via web, mobile and VMS.

  2. Bus operation information

    The system manages the operation data of about 9,000 buses using real-time
    GPS, monitors the allocation interval, non-stop operation and sudden accelera-
    tion/deceleration, and provides bus arrival time and subway information on web,
    mobile and BIT.

  3. Automated control

    The system regulates illegal parking and bus-only lane violations through CCTV
    cameras and automatically imposes fines.

  4. Big data analysis

    The system uses big data on the 5-year accumulated traffic data to offer traffic
    forecast service, and uses information on transport cards and public transport
    operation to support scientific development of transport policies.


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