This system provides an integrated tax administration service,
which allows taxpayers to file and pay taxes and view or receive
e-tax invoices and certificates through the Internet from their
home or office without having to visit the tax office.

System feature

  1. Tax filing and payment service

    - The system enables preparation and submission of various tax returns on PC
    instead of paper.
    - Taxpayers can use the system to pay their taxes without having to visit banks or
    tax offices.

  2. Search & issuance service

    The system provides services regarding tax return and payment, production of
    materials for assessment, management of e-tax invoices, and document search/

  3. Certificate issuance service

    Users do not need to visit tax offices but can request certificate issuance via the
    Internet and print out the documents from their PCs.

  4. Document request and submission

    The system enables request for or submission of documents, which are adminis-
    tered by the National Tax Service, through the Internet.


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