(Electronic Customs Clearance System)




This system automates all customs procedures, for example,
export/ import declaration, travelers’ customs procedures
and tariff payment for electronic processing, without requiring
service users to pay visits.

System feature

  1. Quick customs

    The system enables time required for customs clearance as follows:
    1.5 minutes for export, 1.5 hours for import, and 12 minutes for travelers

  2. Import/export cargo management

    The system records 35 million cases of real time customs information being accessed every day

  3. Single window for trade

    The system connects 44 organizations and 430,000 trade networks

  4. Big data-based intelligent integrated risk management

    The system enables a connection of 47 task related systems

  5. Applying international standards

    The system offers high compatibility in sharing information and data with customs authorities worldwide


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