(Korea Land Information System)





A spatial information system supporting five types of
land administration tasks: real estate development, real estate
brokerages, development impact fees, certified real estate
agencies, and land transaction licenses.
The system covers the needs of the Ministry of Land,
Infrastructure and Transport, 17 cities and provinces, 228 districts and counties.

System feature

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    Land administration task support

    The system supports five types of land administration tasks concerning real estate
    brokerages, certified real estate agencies, real estate development businesses,
    development impact fees, and land transaction licenses, providing services for
    central government ministries, local governments and public agencies.

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    Civil inquiry services

    The system provides an online civil inquiry service through the GOV.KR portal
    on six types of real estate-related business tasks, including real estate business
    registration/modification and broker employment declarations.

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    Utilization of spatial information

    The system utilizes generated data to produce and provide real estate policy
    statistics, opening administrative data to the public at all times through API links
    with the National Spatial Data Infrastructure Portal and Open Government Data Portal.


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