Korea National Spatial
Data Information Portal




This system is a hub of spatial information that interconnects,
shares and integrates national spatial data in order to prevent
redundant development of spatial information in each institution
or for each business and to solve the issue of data discordance.

System feature

  1. Integration of national spatial information (data collection and provision)

    The system collects and integrates national spatial data produced by central gov-
    ernment ministries, public institutions and local governments to provide to users
    (64 information systems of 28 institutions are interconnected).

  2. Quality management of national spatial information

    The system reviews the quality of national spatial information in terms of recency,
    schema, and metadata-space consistency.

  3. Spatial information search and analysis

    The system provides functions of spatial information search and analysis based
    on the information service framework, map presentation using map (spatial in-
    formation), and analysis and comparison of land policies and images needed for
    aerial image-based decision making.


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